Kos City

Kos city is a metropolis located on the bay at the eastern end of the island and is home to about 21,000 permanent residents and innumerable merchants, sailors, mercenaries, adventurers, and other transients. It is dedicated to the god Hermes and committed to trade. It is also more tolerant than many other Hellenic cities of the resurgent trend toward devotion to the pre-Olympian Titans.

Kos Island

Located in the southeastern quarter of the wine-dark Aegean Sea, Kos is the name both of an island and its main city, all of which are under unified political control. Historically, it is the birthplace of the demigod Hippocrates and is still a pilgrimage destination for those seeking to visit the Dream Temple founded by and dedicated to him. Although devastated by the Great Cataclysm that blew apart the nearby volcanic island of Thera a century earlier, Kos has since enjoyed a cultural and economic resurgence.

Lands Beyond Kos

As their adventures take them away from the shores of Kos, characters may increasingly visit other countries throughout the Mediterranean and the lands of Europe, Asia, Africa, and beyond — and, the further afield they go, the more unfamiliar the customs and people of these places will be- come. This chapter contains detailed descriptions of 16 nations that characters from Kos might visit in the course of their adventures, or which themselves might be the homelands of some characters. Most of these lands in this extended adventuring area are located in the region of the eastern Mediterranean but a few lie further to the west and three lie somewhat outside the region altogether, along the shores of the Black Sea, in Mesopotamia, and in the European Alps, respectively. Most are at least as much under the control of Humans as of demihumans like Dwarves or humanoids like Hobgoblins.

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