The Jester Dragon's Guides are a series of tongue-in-cheek role-playing game guides intended for mature audiences. Within the guides you will find dice tables that put the first editions of Dungeons & Dragons to shame, hundreds of terrible annoyances that a party might encounter, character defects, unsavory feats, random generators, and more!

This is the book that started it all, "Nuisances" is the OGL supplement that first introduced defects (the anti-feat) to the game. It winks at the early years of role-playing games and makes parody of the current state of games, it is an excellent guide for gamers that don't take themselves too seriously and an essential tool for game masters looking to put players off balance.

The Jester Dragon's Guide to Defects

Taking the concept of Defects introduced by "Nuisances" to it's furthest illogical extreme, "The Jester Dragon's Guide to Defects" brings 230 brand new Defects to the OGL system. You have allergies? Your character probably does too! Find Defects appropriate for any genre, including "metagame" defects that affect players as well as their characters.

The Jester Dragon's Random Tavern Generator

Just like it says on the box, generate random taverns at a moment's notice with "The Jester Dragon's Random Tavern Generator". We take our random tables very seriously here at Skirmisher, so included are tables for the tavern's name, drink special, the sorts of people that frequent the place, and even the quality of the bathrooms! OK we are kidding about that last one, or are we? You will just have to check it out to see.

The Jester Dragon's Random Cult Generator

Cults are the cliche go to for doom's day scenarios, and now game masters have literally a whole lot of cults that can be randomly generated at a moment's notice. Find out what the cult is called, who they worship, their quirky rituals, and then send them after your players to wreak havoc!

The Jester Dragon's Random Brothel Generator

Game masters don't need to worry about being caught with their pants down the next time their players want to visit a brothel ever again! Maybe your players have never visited a brothel before, but Skirmisher can 100% guarantee that it could definitely maybe happen, so why take the chance? Find out the name of your brothel, its madam, what diseases your players might catch, and what penalties await them if they break any of the rules.


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