City Builder: A Guide to Designing Communities

City Builder is a universal guide to developing communities and settlements in role-playing games and is Skirmisher's best selling and most highly rated publication. The guide shows game masters how to build urban environments that are compatible with almost any ancient, medieval, renaissance, or fantasy setting. Also provided for game masters are many, fully described place examples with hooks for the sorts of adventures that might begin from visiting such a place.

Volume 1: Communities

A guide for designing communities of all kinds, Volume One takes a bird's eye view of community design. Learn how a labor camp differs in design from a town, or how disasters are handled in a city. Curious how a community of mixed, non-human races might differ from a human settlement? Look no further than the first volume of City Builder!

Volume 2: Craftsman Places

Not all blacksmiths are created equal! While a small village smith might only be able to shoe a horse, a master smith in a bustling metropolis might be capable of creating unique items with magic and rare materials. "Craftsman Places" describes what an adventuring party might come to expect from the craftsmen in various communities.

Volume 3: Entertainment Places

What is there to do for fun around here anyway? Whether it be a park, circus, or museum, people in all communities seek out places for entertainment. Learn how to design your own with City Builder Volume Three and let the fun begin.

Volume 4: Professional Places

Where folks get down to business, "Professional Places" describes guilds, training halls, hospitals, and more! This volume shows game masters how to design the places that keep a community running and how they might spark an adventure.

Volume 5: Tradesman Places

Towns need medicine and alcohol, but ancient communities did not have global suppliers for these goods. Any community needs tradesman to create and provide goods and this volume goes into detail about just that.

Volume 6: Mercantile Places

This one is all about stores and, unlike the generic shopping centers of today, ancient shops did not always carry everything. From banks, to pawn shops, general stores to marketplaces, learn about what made each of these places a different and integral part of ancient communities.

Volume 7: Merchant Places

Maybe the most glossed over element of community design in games, "Service Places" takes us past "Ye Olde Tavern" and shows game masters how to design barbershops, bathhouses, restaurants, and many other places where a community gets its needs serviced.

Volume 8: Scholarly Places

If knowledge is power, then this is the most powerful book in the series. "Scholarly Places" has place descriptions and adventure hooks for all the places where a community might create or gain knowledge.

Volume 9: Religious Places

At the spiritual heart of a community are its religious places, and this volume of City Builder covers many of them. Within volume nine are detailed place descriptions for graveyards, monasteries, shrines, and temples. Now temples might be more than just a place where the cleric lives.

Volume 10: Governmental Places

Administrative places are needed to keep a community running and under control. "Governmental Places" describes many of these places such as palaces, manors, courthouses, and more. Learn how to design your community's administrative quarter based on its governmental style, or simply find inspiration in how an adventure might begin in a workhouse with City Builder volume 10.

Volume 11: Underworld Places

Break some rules! "Underworld Places" has descriptions for the places where the more seedy members of society ply their disreputable trades. Find out how to design the omnipresent fantasy brothel, or learn about less covered places like gambling dens or beggars' guilds.


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